As we run Nurzee, we constantly do research and pull data statistics to help us in our quest for constantly improving the Nurzee platform as a whole. These usually leads to us adding more tools that efficiently compliment the Nurzee software. As such, based on data we've been analyzing for a while, we made an informed decision to initiate the development of a brand new project called - The Nurzee Academy.

The inspiration behind this project is due to several problems and inefficiencies that we have observed as we run Nurzee. Some of these include:

  • A huge need for healthcare professionals at facilities
  • No standard and affordable platform for healthcare professionals to pursue continuous education
  • lack of an all-in-one solution to easily get interested users to get started with their healthcare career path
  • No reminder tool that pushes healthcare professionals to be on track with all their documentation.
  • And so much more


Because of the above, we decided to come up with an all-in-one solution which is encapsulated in a new software platform called - the Nurzee Academy. The Nurzee academy will not only be a platform that will allow new users with an interest in a healthcare career path, but also those established healthcare professionals in the field to grow and expand their careers. The Nurzee academy contains the following:

  • Software platform with loads of content to help established healthcare professionals in their quest for continuous education
  • Robust tools like: an online live class module, quiz and exam tools with an instant grading system, forum module, a commenting  and a messaging system
  • Loads of test preparatory material and content for those looking to write board exams like NCLEX, TEAS etc
  • A reminder tool to help healthcare professionals set renewal dates for their documentation and always stay on track
  • Ability for staffing agencies to assign classes to their temps
  • Ability to instantly and easily integrate the Nurzee Academy with the Nurzee VMS.


In other words, the Nurzee academy is a very important tool for staffing agencies as it saves them from a series of issues and inefficiencies. It also allows them to enable their current temps progress further into their healthcare careers, opening more avenue for business growth.

Below, I will like show you step by step on how you can integrate Nurzee academy if you already have an account on the Nurzee VMS (

Ps. There are two ways to get on the academy with your staffing agency. If you already have an account on, you should follow the steps below. The second way is to click on the sign up button on and sign up for a Nurzee Academy account for your agency.


Steps To Integrate the Academy

  1. Log into you agency's dashboard and click on Settings. Once you click on settings, locate 'Integrate Nurzee Academy' and click on that.


2. Next you will be redirected to a screen to select a plan. You can either select to pay monthly for the Nurzee Academy or yearly. Paying yearly will present a discount. Once you should your payment frequency, proceed to selecting a plan. The major difference between each plan is the number of temps that can have access to the Nurzee academy.



3) When you select a plan, if say, you choose a basic plan that allows only 30 temps into the academy, but however, you have, say, 73 temps in your account, you will receive a message like the one below.  If in case you just need a few temps to have access to the academy, that is not an issue as well. Just keep following the tutorials.


4) Once you are done with the page above, you will be redirected to a page where you should proceed to choose the temps you'd want to give access to the academy.

Ps. You can choose all your temps (If your plan permits it) or just a few. You can always come back later and update this option.



5) Once you click on the 'Add Temps to Academy' button, you will be prompted to process a payment. We currently can process payment with either PayPal or Stripe which both accept every major card type.

6) After a successful payment, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Two new items will appear in your account. In the header, a link to the academy will appear. Also in your settings, 'Integrate Nurzee Academy' will change to 'Nurzee Academy Settings.' Here you can add more of your temps to the academy.

At this time, you should also check your email associated with the Nurzee VMS as it will contain login credentials for their access in the Nurzee academy. This comes with a temporary password which can be changed.


7) Now when you click on 'Nurzee Academy Settings' in the settings page, you will be redirected to an Academy settings page were you are able to add more temps into the academy



PS. When you add temps by clicking on the button above called 'Add Temps to the Academy', this temps will receive an email with their login credential. In the email, temps are advised to change their passwords.


8) Once you login into successfully, you should see this dashboard:



This now will mark the end of the tutorial. As usual, if you need further help or clarification please do not hesitate to reach us at:

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