10Jan 2024

Become A CNA or TMA

Enroll in our CNA course for expert board exam preparation or join our TMA program to become a Certified Trained Medication Aide before the February 16th deadline; classes start on February 19th, offering expert guidance and hands-on training for a rewarding healthcare career.

28Sep 2021

They will be even more staffing shortages as vaccine deadline looms

Healthcare facilities and nursing homes in the US and especially in Minnesota are bracing for worsening staff shortages as state deadlines arrive for healthcare workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

02Dec 2020

Nurse-to-Patient Ratio: How to practice safe staffing

Even in an adequately staffed hospital, there could still be days with an imbalanced nurse-to-patient ratio. A nurse could call out sick or more patients than normal could be admitted. In either case, a higher nurse-to-patient ratio means that nurses have to step up to the challenge of caring for more patients.

25Nov 2020

Wisconsin sets record for COVID-19 deaths

On Tuesday, Wisconsin's health officials announced that the state recorded the most deaths on a single-day since the pandemic started. The record of 104 new deaths related to COVID-19, moved the state's total to 3,115 deaths since the pandemic began.

19Oct 2020
credential compliance

The importance of credential compliance in the healthcare industry

Credential Compliance: In the healthcare industry, it is of utmost importance that care providers are not only up to date with their licenses but also are who they say they are. Not one wants to be operated upon by a fake doctor or given pills by a fake nurse.

13Oct 2020

What is a careCard? Watch This

06Oct 2020

Fairview Health Services to close Bethestha Hospital in Saint Paul, getting rid of 900 jobs.

Fairview Health has announced it will be closing Bethesda Hospital, reducing services at St. Joseph's Hospital eliminating 900 jobs in the process.

26Sep 2020

More than 50% of Nurses say they feel depressed due to Covid-19

"I say I'm fine, but I feel scared to death every time I go to work." These are the remarks of a nurse in a recently study conducted by the American Nurses Foundation as reported by Modern Healthcare.

02Sep 2020

'Unfathomable': U.S. death toll from coronavirus hits 200,000

The number of dead in the U.S. is equivalent to a 9/11 attack every day for 67 days. It is roughly equal to the population of Salt Lake City or Huntsville, Alabama.

01Sep 2020

Nearly 70% of N95 masks from China fail U.S. filtration standards

Up to 70% of KN95 masks do not meet the U.S. standards for effectiveness, according to a new study by ECRI, a Pennsylvania-based patient safety organization.