Nurzee just rolled out an amazing new platform that is changing the way healthcare professionals search and apply for jobs.

careCard is a unique representation of a healthcare professional’s credentials online. It is a way of demonstrating your skills and experience to employers that goes beyond a simple run down of your previous roles. Every single day, more and more of the world is online and as that trend continues, the internet is becoming the de facto first choice of where to go to find nurses and nursing assistants to fill a position that just opened up at a healthcare facility. If you want to make sure that healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, Assisted Living facilities etc can find you quickly and easily, it is vital that you create a careCard for yourself. In simple terms, a careCard is a digital resume. When it comes to creating a careCard, there is the basic to a more advanced careCard. An advanced careCard has in addition to a basic resume, a short video profile of the healthcare professional.

Unlike a paper resume, a CareCard makes the healthcare professional visible to healthcare facilities. Also, a careCard is always online and there is no real way for a healthcare professional to misplace it and having one can be quite helpful if a healthcare professional has to provide someone with a resume quickly or lose out on a job.

Are you interested in seeing what career opportunities might be out there for you? Create a careCard today and you will never need a resume again.


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