First of all, one may asked themselves, what is a VMS for healthcare facilities and agencies?

Let us Explain.

A vendor management system (VMS) is a Web-based software that acts as a mechanism for businesses such as hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities and group homes to manage and procure contingent workers such as Registered nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Direct Support Professionals (DSP) and Personal Care Assistants (PCA) through supplemental nursing staffing agencies. A typical example of a VMS is the Nurzee Inc. VMS. A VMS automates and streamlines every step associated with the sourcing, acquiring, managing, and paying for temporal nurses and nursing assistants. A VMS is essential to any successful contingent workforce management. However, choosing the right VMS for your healthcare facility will streamline every step of your temporal workforce, from sourcing and acquiring, to managing and paying on-demand temporal nurses and nursing assistants.

Some of the benefits your healthcare facility will receive from the use of a VMS are

Increased visibility: Healthcare facilities are often faced with challenges to manage contingent nurses and nursing assistant from multiple Staffing agencies. Most healthcare facilities are left with chaotic and fragmented processes with no unified contingent workforce managing strategy across the organization. By implementing a central, reliable solution for managing your multi-channel workforce, the facility will have greater visibility into who is working and the staffing agencies. A VMS grants direct access to the entire facility workforce to track and manage all types of temporal workers.

Automate Processes: Healthcare facilities have a wide range of data, metrics, and documents to look after when managing temporal nurses and nursing assistants. This is often labor intensive, waste valuable time for the facility and sometimes may result in errors that could be avoided. A VMS automates the entire process. Whether requesting a set of documents, reviewing timecards and expenses, or analyzing staffing agencies performance, the facility will have all this information in one easy-to-use VMS platform.

Build for the future: Workforce objectives are constantly changing in the healthcare sector. It is therefore especially important for healthcare facilities to build a talent pool that can be tapped into when needed. A VMS a great resource for healthcare facilities to access in times of need and at short notice.
Greater control over spend: A lack of visibility and control over contingent workforce management often results in overpaying for temporal nurses and nursing assistants. A VMS offers your facility the reporting and analytic tools needed to effectively manage temporal workers thereby guiding the facility’s spending habits on temporal workers.

Automated processes in the cloud can aid sourcing, vetting, assignment management, project management, on-boarding, off-boarding, and invoicing. VMS solutions simplify the process of extending assignments or contracts, managing expenditures, and responding to new

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